How to Always Stay a Kid


Suggestions To Make Your Own Mid-life Crisis!


Things You Can do to Enjoy Just Being A Human Being, For a Moment, Until Reality Hits, and You Need to Pay the Bills.

  1. Mix traditional sports in wonderful, unconventional, unique ways: skyaking, sandboarding, snowskating , skatebiking, bhiking (in which you sometimes have to get off your bike, and laborously hike).

    Here’s Pee Wee demonstrating proper form of being a kid. Teens, though at times tempted to act like adults, are definitively experts in the field of being a kid.


  2. Set arbitrary and perhaps impractical goals¨just for the hell of it¨; act as though it´s of life-or-death importance.

    They are, in a way  – who knows, that floor  REALLY COULD be lava! AHH! Dog, what are you doing in the lava?! Get out!! Now! Hoof it! Nooooooo – !

  3. Forgo responsibilities to take time to be outdoors or with people who make you feel happy, especially when you feel the urge to relieve stress unhealthily.What is making you stressed is not really that important in the big scheme of things: remember, we’re 26,000 light years from the center of even our own galaxy. Close your eyes. Breathe. See the ocean, mountains, snow. Imagine you´re out there for a minute. We´re a small blue dot. Gray, to a dog.
  4. Practice being playful, even when you have nothing.Example: When you see your shadow is projected on a wall and near a group of friends or strangers that can´t immediately see you, immediately break out in dance. This is especially great for the deaf and mute, if you run across or know anyone deaf and mute.
  5. Put something (like this) in your vacation auto-responder:
    ¨Out of the office. Taking time to just be a kid right now. For any urgent matters, send an email to´ll be back in the office at some indefinite point of time in the future, mostly likely the 8th. If I feel like it, because, you know, I might want to take an extra day to go spend quality time with friends/my kid/fur child or drive out to say hi to mom/dad/random person to make lasting memories/catch frogs/laugh until our faces hurt. If I re-think my life and decide it´s time to move forward with my life, you´ll probably continue communication with [official title of responsable guy sitting at desk] and we´ll never talk, unless we´re friends on Facebook, or actually know each other outside of the office.When/if I am back in the office, I will get back to your inqueries as soon as emotionally possible.

    Cheers, [here enter your nickname, or your real name – maybe a new nickname, that you like and hope might stick, like: Jimbo, or El Jefe, if you´re the boss and they won´t take it the wrong way, or ¨One Happy Camper¨ if you work in the outdoor industry, or anywhere really that people appreciate vacation, and camping, which they should. Or the first letter of your name, which I like – informal, short´n´sweet and to the point].¨)