The Fundamentals of Living for the Young (At Heart) And Restless


  1. Own a camera, sometimes. Sometimes use it.
  2. Give hugs and kisses (and receive them). If this sounds easier said than done, maybe you’re feeling very alone? In that case, you must not own a dog.
  3. Get a dog. You can call it “Dog”, or any animal not related to dogs at all: like “Moose” or “Elephant”, or something big and entirely un-doglike.
  4. Live simply.
  5. Love deeply.
  6. Learn other languages, and remember it gets much easier after the second.
  7. Get overly excited about the little things, so you can roll with the big things.
  8. Travel, then open your home to other travelers.
  9. Always remember these wise words when you’re not having fun: “Adversity is adventure.” – Tommy Caldwell
  10. Breathe through your nose.(It really does help when you need to focus, like when you’re saving lives in the mountains, navigating icy channels, or just under pressure to order pizza.)