Climbing Clinics

A Bit of Background

Tiffany Hensley has been rock climbing happily since 1998, competing indoors and exploring outdoors since she was seven. She is an experienced sport climber and boulderer with a history for speed, and starting to grasp big wall and trad. She competed internationally in boulder, speed and sport, won the sport climbing Open Category for North American Continental Championships in 2008, placed 4th in her first IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Vail the same year, and went to the World Games in Taiwan for sport climbing in 2009 before a major car crash with Anthony Lapomardo sent her hitchhiking and finding answers to life in crags around Europe.

Tiffany began training kids and adults when she was 16, and worked for three climbing gyms before she moved to Colorado, where she worked at The Spot Bouldering Gym as a Team Coach and Personal Instructor.


Mental tricks to understand what needs to happen upstairs when we project, are under pressure, and in sessions so that every session and every attempt makes progress.

This clinic has been successfully hosted in MPHC in Manhatten, The Circuit Boulder Gym in Portland and St. Louis, MO. (I love teaching in Portland!)


A clinic specifically for women, about women. Focuses on basic strengths and weaknesses to break the perceived mental barrier, because in rock climbing women have the unique opportunity to climb grades as hard as the men – if not always the same way.

1) Addresses advantages and disadvantages that come with the common physical differences between men and women.

2) Tricks to overcome common disadvantages.

3) How to train weaknesses and avoid common injuries.