Tested Sponsor Gear

The Weaver Climbing Shoe, Mad Rock

EXPERIENCE: a comfortable, breathable climbing shoe just released this 2018. I used them for the 23-pitch route in Mexico three times over 6 days – that means these shoes did 69 pitches in a week in 60-80 degree weather, and they didn’t stretch out, sweat or lose their feeling of security. Not for harder than 5.11 sport or overhangs, these are the most amazing shoes for long routes. FIT: A half size down from the normal, my Sharks are a tight 5.5US and the Weaver at 5.5US were very comfortable.


Ultralight Quick Draws, Mad Rock

EXPERIENCE: Thirty of these draws were donated from Mad Rock for our project, then to give to the local youth program the next week. Each weighing only 2.5oz (30% less than a normal draw), Bicho and I moved really fast through multi-pitches in Potrero. Taking so much weight away made the climbing safer, easier, faster, and thoroughly more enjoyable. HIGHLY recommended for minimalists who like to simplify and not bring tons of metal up, like myself. Not great for grabbing on your project. 😉


280-Lumen Rechargeable Waterproof  Headlamp, NiteIze

  • Can use both mini-USB rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery or AAAs
  • Can be locked to avoid turning on in pack
  • Adjustable light
  • Flashing red light great for raves

Great in case of rain and for the rappels. Lock is key since the touch sensor can turn on in your bag. Adjustable light allows you to use less battery. Could be made to point more downwards, in my opinion, but this headlamp has saved my ass on scary wet rappels in Potrero and Yosemite and 80-mile alpine bike rides in the Rockies. My favorite headlamp of all time so far. I will never buy batteries, unless they are for someone else.


HoneyStinger Gels

I used one gel for the Mariposa peak in Peru, a 6,000m peak in the Andes near Cuzco, after volunteering with a WFA course for AGMP (Association of Guides of Mountains of Peru). Erin Stratta and I summited quickly and lightly with local guide Americo, bringing just this gel and some nuts and bars in 20L running packs that somehow fit our water and crampons without disaster.