Dead battery? To the Palisades.




Luckily, the base of beautiful mountains was not a bad place for Wall-E’s battery/alternator to go kaput.

Left to right: Mt Meeker, Ship’s Prow, Palisades, Diamond, Long’s Peak summit





























Mt. Bierstadt

I’ve been think a lot lately about the standard of living and quality of life we choose to have in our lives.

In the US, we are technically guaranteed a baseline of quality largely envied by the rest of the world, but still somehow find ourselves unhappy. Why is that? It’s because quality of life is not ALL about political, social, and economic freedom.

But it’s not all mountains and hippies and grande open views, either.

It’s just appreciation.

And that said – I’m so psyched I live in Colorado!!!

Two 14ers, Evening Training

When Nick Duttle suggested hiking adventures, I was ecstatic.

We arrived at the climbing at 4:15pm, topped Torreys at 6:18, then Grays within another 20 minutes. Finally, we bombed down, so Duttle’s little Toyota Carolla could crawl out of the baby-head studded dirt road from which we’d come, right off HWY 70.

Such a great adventure.