MR at OR Winter Show


Horse Flats

Horse Flats, Southern California. Kenny (the manager of Mad Rock), a climber and cop named Eddie B, Melissa Tomes, and myself pulled together as a team to make a collective 100 points on Saturday for a good, fun day. People are awesome, and it’ll be sad and good to move on to the Bay Area from here. But I’ll see Mad Rock in Salt Lake City.

Psychedelia Winnings Donated to CAC

So psyched to represent The Spot Gym, coaches…

And of course, Mad Rock Climbing  – along with the winner Pro Comp Athlete Megan Mascarenas.

So I’m donating my competition winnings from The Spot Gym‘s Psychedelia Competition ,plus earnings from the Pro Climbers International Clinic with Paul Robinson, to CAC Climbers Against Cancer.

Professional climbers can contribute to the world in a positive way.

We’re a shy group, but if we put ourselves out there, we can impact the community.

Photo Artist: Maddie Harlan.

Crag Dog Life with a GoPro Hero3

From Mad Rock’s vimeo channel: “Tashtego explores the bouldering area with Tiffany’s GoPro Hero3 while she and her boyfriend work on Moon Arete V10 with new friends at Horsetooth, Fort Collins, Colorado. Soundtrack is The Cave by Mumford and Sons.”

Taken over 2 hours, my dog roamed around while we projected Moon Arete. I tried to nail the true perks of being a crag dog.

Tiffany Hensley – Life of the Crag Dog from Mad Rock Climbing on Vimeo.