“Van, Life, Food: Vantarian Eating on a Roll”

I have a project I’m working on, a tiny book about Vantarian eating for climbers (or really, anyone) traveling on the road and living in a house on wheels.

vantarian eating on a roll

“Van, Life, Food: Vantarian Eating on a Roll” will be vanlife-sized, with a number of crafty and quick recipes from simple hors d’van to vegvantarian scrambles.

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The recipes will be contributed by more well-known #vanlife climbers who are currently or have spent a lot of time living on the road. So far 20 contributors have suggested awesome submissions, from the snap combination of Funyuns’N’Beer, a quick Seasoned Salmon from Paul Nadler, and fridge-free recipes from Dean Fleming, and a secret recipe from Jason Kehl.

Illustrations will be paired with the recipes, so each recipe has one small sketch of the contributor’s dish, visage, or home on wheels. If an illustration is not contributed, it will be sketched by the tiny cookbook’s illustrator, Clara Lopes.


Clara Lopes’ artwork on Instagram: http://instagramshare.com/UserDetails/26985853

Hopefully it prints before OR Show!

Anyway, just an update. Cheers all!