These sweet sponsors help me empower kids in the Americas.

Ambassador for Monkey Hands Chalk (MX)

Monkey Hands recently supported a 20-minute documentary by Laura Manzano about Climbing Borders, which circulated in major theaters in Mexico with FREEMAN Films as part of “Filmes de Aventura” and Cine Con Causa with theater superchain Cinépolis. www.monkeyhands.com.mx

Athlete at Mad Rock Climbing (US)

Since the early 2000’s, Mad Rock has supported me in climbing competitions, expeditions, and most recently have support opportunity youth in Mexico by sending gear and shoes. Huge thanks to these guys! www.madrockclimbing.com

Ambassador for Pebble Wrestler Collective (US)

PWC supports our program with a percentage of PWC’s annual proceeds, and sells art and threads through an online store. Jon Sedor reached out because he wanted to benefit ambassadors advocating for good – in my case, for disadvantaged youth. I have a lot of respect for Jon because he lost his dominant hand, which we wrote and drew with as an artist, and relearned to do everything with his other hand over the following years.  www.PebbleWrestlersCollective.com

NiteIze, Inc Field Team

Thanks NiteIze for giving Climbing Borders’ youth leadership program gear to light up their night adventures. Among many other donations, they sent us 10 rechargeable, waterproof, 280 lumen headlamps and spare batteries. This meant the kids didn’t have to buy batteries they couldn’t afford. I also use their dog lights for Tash on our van adventures.  www.niteize.com


3 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. Hey Tiffany, you met my Whitney my girlfriend while you were in sunnyvale recently. We also live in a van if that rings any bells. But regardless she saw a pair of green pants you were wearing and wants a pair. Any leads in what make and model those were?

    Thanks 🙂

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