Lincoln Lake: Trying Unshackled

The super sweet Green Guru Upcycled Inner Tube Messenger Bag with a sewed-on Mad Rock rubber sticker.

So before giving any details, HUGE thanks to Green Guru for the Messenger made from inner tubes. I brought this to Lincoln because rubber was sturdy, stretchy, resistant to the storms, Made in the US, light-weight, and upcycled.

I should add I’m interning for marketing at Green Guru for 4 months, so hit me up if you bike and need a nice bag: I have two “20% off” cards left.

Bob likes walks on the approach, playing 7 Wonders, and watching Game of Thrones. A note for the ladies.
Bob on Unshackled V10

So to the point of this post:

Here’s Bob getting to the crux on a problem we spent 5 hours on.

Unshackled is a 40 degree overhang with a big move from a jug rail to crimps that traverse in 4 to 5 moves to the edge of the roof.

The crux for us was sticking the first cross.

I somehow managed to get to the last crimp, past the crux, and fell trying to not dab on the pad. (This would be my 5th V10 after Nazgul, Beefcake, Aquatic Hitchhiker, and Resident Evil, so I’m excited to come back and finish off Unshackled.)

Phlip on Endgame V7


And then here’s Philip getting another run on Endgame V7, because Bob was visiting and needed to try more than just Unshackled if he was going to hike in and out of Lincoln Lake.



And last but not least: A photo of Rory the miniature Westie.

Thanks for reading.