UBC Pro Tour

WOOHOO!! I am super psyched that I competed in the SBC/UBC Pro Tour at Stone Gardens in Washington.

With my new friends Mirthe and Pascal (from the Netherlands, but they just moved to Colorado) we visited the ExperienceMusicProject on our first day, before the Access Fund Athlete Reception.

Soon as we landed, we got our photos taken at the ACDC Exhibition in the EMP (Exerience Music Project) Museum, before we got our photo taken for the SBC during the athlete reception by the Access Fund. Personally, I think the first one was wayy better.

As for the comp itself, I’ll let LouderThan11 do the talking. In short, the competition was amazing. All the routes were super technical, and super hard.

I really hope problems are this technical in the future, because this would make on-sight reading crucial in the competition. Creative improv route-reading I think is where my strengths lie.

Here’s the SBC Pro Highlights

2012 SBC PRO HIGHLIGHTS from UBC Pro Tour on Vimeo.