Matilda Söderland

We had a guest stay with Philip and myself in Boulder.

Little did we know Soderland is a Swedish sport-climbing power house.

She hadn’t bouldered outside for 2 years, and this was literally the 5th time she’d ever done so.

Looking to find her strengths, I drove us to Eldorado Canyon to try 606 (V10).

Not really making progress, and with tendonitis on the tear this week, I took up the old camera and shot some photos.

When she did the V10 (with little trouble, maybe an hour of projecting to find the right foot), she immediately sent a photo to her sponsors at Marmot.

I was impressed. If every professional climber could do this, my job would be so much easier.

Anyway, that was day one. We tried another day to visit Mind Matters at Guanella Pass, but rain pummeled our car a mile from the area.

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