#VanLife Food: The Kavu Taco!

Kavu Taco5

I made mass-produced KAVU TACOS! today for the Super Bowl and delivered it to 5 parties and 7 houses.

The Kavu Taco! is named after Kavu company because they love fun adventures. Doubtless WallE will find more recipes as a result of following this vein of thinking.

The Kavu Taco!

A work-minimal gourmet #VanLife inspired recipe I used by grabbing


ingredients in my tiny kitchen while parked at Red Rocks Park near Los Vegas, under MPOWERED solar power and using a single Pocket Rocket. Also, the secret final embellishment ingredient is NOT included, just so you all know.

#VanLife Equipment:
1 Pocket Rocket 1 Pan 1 Tupperware w/ Lid


Kavu Taco 3
Apprentice Kavu Taco Maker, Emily

Soft, Home-Made Style Corn Tortillas Chicken
Box of White Zinfandel Wine
Herb du Provence Minced
Small Can of Coconut Milk
Can of Refried Pinto Beans
Jar of Salsa Verde
Spray Can of Olive Oil
Goat or Feta Cheese

Simple Preparations:

Kavu Taco 4

Chop tomatoes on tupperware li

Toss in Bowl Herb du Provence, Olive Oil, coconut milk, some


Press tortillas into bowl to give the tortilla flavor, then toss in Oiled Pan.

These tortillas are awesome on their own! Set tortillas aside on top of box wine.

Kavu Taco2

Cook chicken with olive oil and white zinfandel. Toss in Bowl.

Add bits of avocado and crumble goat cheese in bowl.

Warm and mix refried beans with salsa verde in pan. Pour a glass of Zinfandel.

Grab cooled tortilla barehanded, add spoon of bean salsa, then spoon of chicken, tomato, avocado, cheese each.

Voila! Thanks for joining the #WheresWallE

Kavu Taco
The Kavu Tacos

adventure. Looking forward to extensive cooking recipes and making stories with GSI, Kavu, Mad Rock Climbing, and other friends old and new!

Eat Well, Live Simple, and Laugh Hard. – Tiff and Tash