Meet Tiff, Tash & Wall-E

My name is Tiffany Hensley.

Since 1998 I’ve been climbing and traveling as a rock climber.

Inspired by my hometown hero, Chris Sharma, and the community, I started working for an international climbing company called Mad Rock Climbing to bring together their athletes, marketing, and product design together in a professional synergy.

Dec. 1st  I moved into a white Sprinter van named WallE with my border collie and drove my first trip: a total of 75 hours over five weeks across 6,000 miles. WallE’s sides are an evolving whiteboard for the community with facts, riddles, and more.

People stop to stare at Wall-E at gas stations, parking lots, and outside stores. They stand still to read an interesting fact or solve a riddle, and think.

WallE’s message: Don’t be afraid to be your own story.

It just took one hour to write down a list of facts contributed by friends while filling up at a 7Eleven. I have a paying job, hobbies, dreams that I chase, and I like to make people for a moment.

Amazing Fact: Did you know the Mantis Shrimp can break the glass of an aquarium tank?

Try this tongue twister: Irish wristwatch.

And if you visit this site, you can watch almost any movie for free without downloading illegally.

Thank you.