SF to Portland!

The drive to from SF to Portland was BRUTAL!

I took HWY 128 to visit Fort Bragg and missed it by 40 miles!

But I did stop at the Drive-Thru tree. They had a gift shop with redwood items, and I almost bought a redwood seedling or a bag of moss for WallE. I’d like to freshen up the space in the van a bit. While we drove up the coast in search of Fort Bragg, we stopped for Tash to pee on the coast a few times, and she kept rolling in sea water. It was also rainy, go figure, since it’s the coast, and everything got a little bit damp. Especially the dog, since she rolled in the sea so much.

We were psyched to drive through the redwood forest and up the coast line, and I took these great pictures.

But when we hit Oregon, my eyeballs popped like balloons in a needle factory.

The trees were not just green – the bark looked like Mother Nature had snorted Matcha Powder and then sneezed on every tree in the forest. Even the powerlines were crying moss.

Eventually, Tash and WallE and I made our way to the Portland bouldering gym: The Circuit.

Follow-up blog with more about that!

Enjoy the photos from the drive.