Climbing isn’t a job.

Coming full circle sometimes gives you a perspective of the big picture. After visiting my parents, my employer, and realizing I’m at the place I want to be now, regardless of where I will be in the future, I realize something.

Climbing isn’t a job.

Alex Honnold doesn’t climb to be famous. Dan Osman didn’t jump on a rope to start a legacy. And Chris Sharma doesn’t do it for the exposure. Chris Sharma, especially, does it for himself – I heard him say this at a slideshow talk in Figueres, Spain. This was a few years before he did work for Aveeno and ESPN. And I will never forget that slideshow.

So professional climbers need to remember that climbing isn’t a job.

It is what it is. It’s crazy. And it’s humble.

It’s not a job.

It’s just climbing.

And it’s exciting. But there’s no deadlines. No expectations.

And I’m excited to work for an industry that knows that.