Mexico: Escalando Fronteras

The more you stay somewhere, the more it grows on you. Especially if it has tons of bacteria.

Mexico is exciting, and Monterrey certainly has a history of turbulence. If you look up Monterrey in the Huffington Post, there is on a list of headlines of violence, murders, and gang wars. Because the city’s lifeblood of tourism has dropped off, tourists have a very expedited trip into the country to revamp an interest that will come very reluctantly.

Yesterday I got to see an area with buildings on top of hills that looked like war zones, with illegal edifices paid for with bribes, and a dearth of any real activity. Small children clung to balconies. The graffiti of doves was beautiful; the addicts on the street were less so. The teenagers were awesome. We all had fun taking photos, then went climbing at RockArt, an awesome local gym made and run by climbers Carlo and Fernanda.

It was nice to return to home base, and appreciate the comfort of a bed and kitchen, even if I woke up the other night to a cockroach and gave it a poetry slam of it’s life. With a heavy book of Contemporary American poems. It regrettably got stuck to the floor in a sticky mess.