Drawing – It’s Not Something I Do, But…

I’ve recently been inspired to use a new medium to share what I see in Monterrey, and sit down and draw places and people that we normally take photos of. Here, we took a slight detour from our usual route when we exit Huasteca, taking a short road that ended abruptly where it has been eaten by a hurricane, and rocks protected the drop off. Shacks and fences were made from scrap metal and wood, and trees and plants seemed to hold everything together to keep from being blown away. Although the street never got traffic, and was unremarkable, I wanted to try to capture the tacked-together scrap pieces, layer of pretty trees, and the mountain range Sierra de las Mitras in the background.



One thought on “Drawing – It’s Not Something I Do, But…

  1. Nice work! “Not something I do but…” you’re freakin’ good at it!

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