Moving to Mexico

In 2013, with the help of sponsors GSI Outdoors, Mad Rock Climbing, and KAVU, I ditched a townhouse to live in a van on a six-month road trip around North America. The 2005 Dodge Sprinter was unconverted, so I slept for most of that time on boxes, and on cold days curled up with my border … Continue reading Moving to Mexico

A Monster Named Denial

Sinking deeper and deeper into that familiar feeling of crazy depression, my ankle felt almost worse. For four months, I haven’t been able to climb without pain, and climbing is my very simple world. Am I losing grip on my 17-year-old passion, slowly and involuntarily? Is this the end? Should I finish up that business degree, take up art, and make … Continue reading A Monster Named Denial

Corn and Cement: The Taste of Monterrey

The bizarre and large flood plains that are Monterrey and the larger state of Nuevo Leon were originally dubbed “Extremoduro” by an early colonist, or “extremely hard”, and hold 5 million people, making it the third largest city in Mexico (behind Guadalajara and Mexico City). Cement is a highly visible part of the city: not only does the beautiful mountain range of … Continue reading Corn and Cement: The Taste of Monterrey

Time Wave Zero

Although there are no photos, I did Time Wave Zero last week when I’m not even supposed to be jogging yet. The ankle is recovering, and it’s tender, and I am still having some trouble going up stairs. We blasted up the 23 pitches in a personal record of 17 hours. It was a first … Continue reading Time Wave Zero

Project Wall-E, Day 7: El Salto

For the second time in my life I hang, on this occasion watching two worlds. Climbers mill around the base of the wall, and ATV riders jostling together. I’m swathed in biting smidges and sitting sore, but happily clicking away. Life is good. :)