After the OR 2012: Flying to Asheville, NC

Tiffany’s Super Pimp Airport Crib

At the 2012 OR Summer Market Show in Salt Lake City just yesterday, I represented Mad Rock Climbing.


Mad Rock’s a company I’ve been sponsored by for 5 years. I started taking over their social media channels and tinkering in the design lab in January, promoting athletes so we can merge our athletes with the designs they’ve been using in the past. There are big ideas on the horizon with our new technology and experience in successes and failures.

I could say I officially started my internship with Green Guru Gear, too. Green Guru upcycles bike tubes to produce wonderful, lightweight, weatherproof bags – like the giant shiny satchel pictured above sitting snuggly under the airport seat. Nick Korda is also an awesome human being, who can make anything out of anything.

I met a lot of the Mad Rock athletes that I’d been hearing about for years: like Chris Nance, Brandi Proffitt, and Carrie Cooper.

Now I’m sitting in the Chicago O’Hare airport knitting Osmundiale stitch beanies for the team athletes, going over rules and ideas from other athlete directors who I met at the OR, all great people that I got to talk to a bit. (Marmot, Mammut, Hippy Tree…You’re all solid people!)

Talking to people about athletes was a huge insight. It gave me great relief to find out my frustrations with communication were shared everyone else.

Thanks for the therapeutic blog session!