Boone, NC


The boulders are amazing, the locals are amazing, and Peter Grill was an amazing guide. We met him through Mad Rock athlete Leanna Lockhart, a local of NC. She had a job she couldn’t get out of at the time – so we ditched her. Next year, Leanna!

It was a smoldering 75- 80 degrees, and I’d taken a week off, so we only played on a V4 and a V5.

You can see a faint chalked hold a foot from my left knee. This is a  super hard shoulder-y start by Jimmy Webb.

A V5 classic, next to a few V9s we wished we could try.

In the meantime, Peter Grill did a slopey V8, laps on a V7 that we struggled to start, and two V9s.

Boy were we humbled.

Here’s his blog: It’s a sweet layout.

I left Peter a beanie to give Leanna since she’s on the team. (Working my way around the athletes before winter.) We’ll definitely come back to try all the amazing problems and send Flagyl! Next year!

Now I’m back in Boulder, training for the UBC in Seattle, and Philip’s in France for the World Mind Games for the game Go.  He went to Fontainbleau today!