Goal-setting is underrated.

My knee popped on the starting heel of Bambi, and it was R.I.C.E.ed that night and felt bruised and stiff the next morning. Facebook offered all sorts of advice – from a moving IT band to momentary dislocation to torn ACL. Or I could just be old.

So I thought I’d “take a knee” for a while.

After icing, arnica, ibuprofen, constant compression from kinesiology tape, elevation, and 36 hours of elderly crocheting…

…today it feels amazing.

So I set a goal today.

I didn’t think I’d finish it, but I’d at least get halfway. Then, I would get there and decide I couldn’t stop, having gone halfway. So I took 2 ibuprofen, wrote out the following workout, and started the playlist with songs from “This Is 40”.

Flutter kicks 100 x 10

V-Ups 15 x 10

3 Sec. Negatives 5 x 10

Pushups 20 x 10

Crunches (Straight/Left/Right/Straight) 100 x 10

Campus ladder exercise (varied) x 10

The workout moved up and down the list, accommodating the sorest muscles or in opposing muscle sets (like push-ups to campusing to negatives), going set by set for maybe less than 2 hours.

Rests were long enough to mark whatever set or sets were just finished on the white board, and the workout was paced by brief stretches and sips of water.

The campus ladder started easy and ended hard: medium edge 1/2/3… , then 1/3/5/7 no matching … small double-clutches … small edges closed hand … small edges open hand … large double-clutches on interval wall.

The toughest to do in the end were flutterkicks and V-ups. (Body tension is my weakness.)

Glad this goal-setting worked out. Tomorrow, I’ll try again to set a good goal. Thanks to my new sponsor Stonemaster Gear for the amazing new climbing jeans, and Crimp Chimps for the incredibly cute chalk bucket I’ll be using in ABS!


Hopefully, these workouts will keep my joints and ligaments from popping all over the place.